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tree gum
Project time horizon: 1 year

Did you know that almost all chewing gums are made of plastic? Historically that was not the case, back in the 50ies a natural gum base was mostly used – but then the big cooperation’s realized that using petrol – i.e. plastic, is way cheaper. Two great guys, Leif & Dave thought that this must change. Why use plastic if there are natural grown alternatives. So, they kicked-off the project (literally with crowed funding) to create a 100% natural chewing gum. As I loved that idea so much, I helped them to create the brand – from packaging, advertising to busting social media campaigns. 

So – stop chewing on plastic. 



Consumer Insight

We are all chewing on plastic, but mostly we don't know. This cannot be healthy. On top. these chewing gums do not rotten but transform into micro plastic which will end up in the rivers, the sea, and comes back in the fish to us. Is there not an alternative? 



A 100% natural chewing gum wit  zero plastic. Great taste, and good for human and nature. 



TREE GUM is produced in Switzerland with 6 natural ingredients. 

Create a beloved brand that tells a story: TREE GUM

Made from trees. On top, we plant a tree

for every 12 pack we sell. 

Von Wald umgebener Fluss


tropische Blätter


After one year:

  • TREE GUM is distributed broadly in Switzerland in all key retailers (Coop, Migros).

  • Consumer feedback are great

  • Over 20'000 trees have ben planted - that equals a surface of 1.6 Million m2.


Success continues (Status: 1. June 2022). 

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