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NEspresso 2nd life campaign
Project time horizon: 1 year

Sometimes the issue you believe you see, is not real one. At Nespresso we believed long time that we need to make recycling just easier for consumers and this would bring recycling rates up. But it didn’t. More recycling points, pick up by the postman – it all didn’t move the needle anymore. In consumer qualitative we then found the underlying insight – and from this, I had born the idea of the Nespresso 2nd Life Campaign.


Consumer Insight
I don't recycle because I don't trust (Nespresso) that they actually do something with these capsules. Maybe they just throw them away after collecting.


With an iconic object from the 2nd Life campaign you can own a proof point of your recycling efforts.


The iconic 2nd Life campaign objects are all made (the alu parts of it) from 100% recycled aluminium Nespresso capsules.

Team up with some other iconic Swiss brands with high quality aluminium designs, like Zena (Rex peeler), Victorinox (Swiss pocket knife) and Caran d'Ache (pen 849) to produce limited editions with recycled aluminium from Nespresso capsules 



Recycling rate went up by over 20% within 6 months of launch. The idea went almost instantly global and has been internationally and externally awarded. Very simple, yet successful. But equally important, it has built trust in Nespresso and created enormous awareness for the sustainability efforts of the brand. Lat but not least, it strengthened Nespresso's point of difference vs. the plastic competition. 

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