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Project time horizon: whatever you can take

From the inside, even a hamster wheel looks like a career ladder. Working is great and gives me an enormous fulfillment. But at one point, I had also to realize that my personal work set-up and life got somewhat out of balance. You cannot possible reset it from within and therefore, I stepped out first and allowed myself the unique luxury of almost 7 months of travel with my family. It is a unique opportunity to take an outside view on your own life and take the time to identify what is important to you and what not or less. In any case, it is a unique opportunity and a priceless lifetime experience. 



I feel that my own time investment cake is somewhat out of sync with what I really want.



Take some distance to your current (work) life to better assess your needs/Interests/wishes.



If you are outside, you got the most spectacular view on your life and at the same time, you can discover yourself and your beloved ones differently (not to talk about the world you will discover).

Take a 50years old Volkswagen Hippie Bus (T1 camper) and just hit the road. Plan your first destination and then take it from there. No planning, no schedule, no rush... Just day by day.



It would take too long, and it would be too personal to outline this in details, but I can tell you that it has been one of the best things I ever did in life. Time with your beloved ones outside your career routine: simply priceless.  

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