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I've always lived with two hearts in me: whilst one part of me is enjoying deep analytics [math’s, physics, etc] – the other part flourishes with creativity [art, photography, etc]. 

My mission is to satisfy & nourish both sides of me – through the perfect balance of work and other engagements – allowing me to always find the perfect mix to keep things in balance. 

In my professional life – there are also these two sides in me: the creative one that defines & creates the essence and ideates the character of brands, builds brand identities leveraging new marketing tools – especially digital ones -, strives to find the next big business idea to drive sales and the analytical one – that translates the idea into a business context – that assesses the shares, the reach, the odds to succeed, writes business plans, creates capabilities in the organization, commits to the profit & manages the expectations in the organization up & down.


  • I believe in the power of questioning the status quo, in ideating the impossible and imaging the changes ahead in time. Hence, in the power of change & transformation. 

  • I believe that the swarm intelligence always out-beats any individual capabilities, if stimulated and leveraged well. Hence the importance of envisioning, engaging, empowering and enabling people. 

  • I  believe in the power of diversity. But for me, diversity is not about sex, religion, age or other criteria, it is not about quotes, it is about valuing & celebrating the differences.  

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