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Smarter Sundays
Project time horizon: 2 months

Creating a small new brand? Why not! For my new Apple iPad with pencil, I couldn't find an adequate pouch that fits both. So here I go and created the product & brand myself on a rainy Sunday morning: this is how the SmarterSundays brand was born. This is an example of a simple product & brand creation exercise that can be done within 1-2 months in the evenings. Investments are close to nothing – a few hundred bugs – and up you go. For sure, it is then not build to make huge turnover (this wasn't the purpose), but it teaches you - hands on - a few fundamental elements on how to create a brand form scratch, get the production going and many others things about logistic and digital. If you want to feel the sensation of creation again, these type of projects are a great way...and a lot of fun. 


Consumer Insight

I love the Apple pencil for the iPad, but I struggle to put it somewhere safely for transport (as all the pouches I see only protect the iPad without the pencil).



A stylish, unique looking leather pouch tailored to my iPad with an integrated pocket for the Apple pencil for save transportation.



Handmade (in Switzerland) with premium leather, tailored to fit and protect.

Fabric a high quality Swiss handmade iPad pouch from premium quality leather and sell it directly to end consumers through the newly created brand: SmarterSundays.



The purpose of the project is to create a new brand and not to really start a a new business to make money. I created it in the first place to solve a personal issue with my new iPad. If more develops out of it, we will see. 

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