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Sustainable Swiss Salmon

It all started back in 2013 when a friend had a simple yet genius idea: produce sustainable salmon in Switzerland that is fresh, has no antibiotics and is also sustainably produced. What a promise. What sounds simple and great, is actually a multimillion project that took 6 years from the idea to the day that the fishes are coming out of the water in Lostallo. I was a first seed investor in this project and was able to follow through and assist the project over the last few years.

Swiss Alpine Fish AG is growing salmon in an indoor farm in Lostallo, a beautiful unspoiled area in the Italian part of the Canton Graubünden. The farm uses the most advanced aquaculture technology making it one of the cleanest and most sustainable fish farms in the world.


Swiss Alpine Fish AG changes the way we think about fish. I am prod to be part of this revolutionary fish project and to support the company.


Consumer Insight

I love salmon – but I get to hear more and more bad stories about these fish farms  and I am somewhat worried (about contamination, about sustainability aspects).



Freshly produced salmon with no antibiotics or other drugs that could harm you and pollute our waters.



Produced in Switzerland in a revolutionary designed state of the art sustainable fish farm, alimented with pure and fresh Swiss alps water.

Build the first of its kind land based salmon farm in the mountains of Switzerland that operates under the restrictive Swiss animal protection requirements and fulfills the high standard criteria on environmental aspects such as water pollution etc. 



A fresh, sustainably produced salmons free from antibiotics or chemicals that comes directly from one of the most beautiful alpine areas of Switzerland. First fishes are coming out of the tanks end of July 2018. Find out more here:

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